Saturday, December 27, 2008

Canoe Lipstick- with water

Click on the photo to see larger (just discovered that option myself).
Photos with the water added. I used Polyscenics Gloss product. It is white and turns clear when dry. I don't like that it wouldn't settle flat, but in this piece it would not work to use a liquid product. I would have needed an end. I used a metal tip to squeeze the product around the canoe. I had to reapply several times as the product would dry and be sunk in. It did cause a lot of bubbles in the area around the canoe. I was trying to avoid the bubbles, but at least this product dries very clear so the bubbles aren't so noticable.
It is funny to me, I used magnifier to paint the eyes and I can't see the details without the magnifer. LOL
Ultimately I am pleased with it and will be giving it to my parents tomorrow. Will post about their reactions later.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

canoe lipstick almost done

This is the lipstick case I am using. When you open it, it looks no different. Then when you turn it the canoe can barely be seen, until the tube is twisted. Then you see a canoe being paddled toward you.

I still need to add the water, then it will be done.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Canoe in lipstick tube- started

Years ago I made a scene in a lipstick tube. It contained a fairy and some daffodils. When I showed it to my dad, he thought it was cool. He likes the unusual and he made the comment that we would like a canoe scene in a lipstick tube. He wanted to show his friends just for fun. So I am finally making him one.
I started with another tube that was given to me. I had cleaned it out and it was set aside until I was ready to do this project. Only problem was the lipstick had stained the plastic section and I wanted to remove it. I ended up messing that tube up, so I had to purchase a new one. When we looked at the options, we found a larger tube and it was clear, which would have given more room for creating the scene, but it just didn't have the curiosity of a regular lipstick tube. I did buy the bigger clear one and maybe one day will use it.
This tube is very elegant and was very easy to clean out as it was brand new.
I had a plastic tube from my stash that was the same size to use for the base of the water area for the canoe. I trimmed it to the right width and also cut it to fit inside the section that stays in the tube. I added a piece of blue builders foam to help hold the plastic in place as well. This was all painted in desired colors and I added some landscaping in the tube like the shoreline.
Next is painting the canoe and adding water.

Canoe Tin is finished

Although the water is still tacky when touched and it shrank, I decided to complete the landscaping. A river usually has things floating in it so if bits of landscaping end up on the water or settle to the bottom will be okay. I don't want to redo it all right now.
However I will tell my parents that if if becomes a problem will redo the bottom.
The water did get in the area of the paddle and my husband was very sweet to stay up all night and keep it from freezing up.