Sunday, December 21, 2008

Canoe in lipstick tube- started

Years ago I made a scene in a lipstick tube. It contained a fairy and some daffodils. When I showed it to my dad, he thought it was cool. He likes the unusual and he made the comment that we would like a canoe scene in a lipstick tube. He wanted to show his friends just for fun. So I am finally making him one.
I started with another tube that was given to me. I had cleaned it out and it was set aside until I was ready to do this project. Only problem was the lipstick had stained the plastic section and I wanted to remove it. I ended up messing that tube up, so I had to purchase a new one. When we looked at the options, we found a larger tube and it was clear, which would have given more room for creating the scene, but it just didn't have the curiosity of a regular lipstick tube. I did buy the bigger clear one and maybe one day will use it.
This tube is very elegant and was very easy to clean out as it was brand new.
I had a plastic tube from my stash that was the same size to use for the base of the water area for the canoe. I trimmed it to the right width and also cut it to fit inside the section that stays in the tube. I added a piece of blue builders foam to help hold the plastic in place as well. This was all painted in desired colors and I added some landscaping in the tube like the shoreline.
Next is painting the canoe and adding water.

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