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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Canoe Lipstick- with water

Click on the photo to see larger (just discovered that option myself).
Photos with the water added. I used Polyscenics Gloss product. It is white and turns clear when dry. I don't like that it wouldn't settle flat, but in this piece it would not work to use a liquid product. I would have needed an end. I used a metal tip to squeeze the product around the canoe. I had to reapply several times as the product would dry and be sunk in. It did cause a lot of bubbles in the area around the canoe. I was trying to avoid the bubbles, but at least this product dries very clear so the bubbles aren't so noticable.
It is funny to me, I used magnifier to paint the eyes and I can't see the details without the magnifer. LOL
Ultimately I am pleased with it and will be giving it to my parents tomorrow. Will post about their reactions later.
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