Monday, November 1, 2010

Scaredy Cats - Cats are done!

I got a sweatshirt a few years ago with this screen print on it. My shirt is black so the colors are darker.
I decided I wanted to create them in miniature and I think they are going to visit my small tree stump house in a salt box.  There is a story forming - so more to come...

I am very pleased with my results overall.  There are few minor variations that I decided to live with.
Tell me what you think.  Post a comment.

To find out how I made them, keep reading or click here.


Anonymous said...

those cats look great! anything but scaredy!


Anonymous said...

Preble ... you have really done a great job with your Scaredy Cats. I think it takes a lot of skill and imagination to take a 'flat' image from a shirt and make it into 3D sculptures! They really came out awesome!
hugs, luny