Sunday, February 12, 2012

1:144 scale Bunny Tails book

In January, I was gifted a the bunny tails book kit made by Robin Betterley.  I had wanted to get it last year for my birthday but had just not gotten to purchasing it.  A fellow club-member was very generous and gifted me the one she had purchased, both the book and the inside kit.  Yeah!!
So I worked on the book in January, but between work, family and college homework I had not been able to finish it.  But today, the time came that I could.  Last night when I realized my homework was done for this week (all but the final printing) I did a happy dance. 

Miniatures are my first love when it comes to a hobby. It is the one thing I have really missed because of my college homework. So when I have had the free time, I have worked on miniatures.  It has been quite a while since I worked on 1:144 scale.  Making this kit did prove challenging to me.  I amazed my family by saying that working in this scale was intimidating.  Of course they think the other scales I do are intimidating.  I was however determined to finish this kit, so I plunged on when I might have put it aside to work on something else or not even miniatures.  There are so many ways to spend our free time and I do have to be in the mood to do miniatures and today was that day.  So indeed I did finish it.  But it was my determination to finish that won out. 

To clarify the kit itself it wonderful, but patience is required. Oh and tweezers are critical as well.  I was very impressed with the quality of this kit. The artwork was fantastic and the detail of the inside kit was really wonderful as well.
One tip is to make sure paint for the inside kit items is thinned (with a little water).  When working with a lot of detail, it is important to apply thin coats.  The wood items had significant detail (love the carrot tops of the bed and the bookcase) and thin coats of paint works.

Here is my finished project:
And here is the insides from a different angle.
I am not happy with the shelf items, so maybe will change that.  But for now it is as it is.  The picture makes them stand out as just paint, but not so bad in real life.


Lee said...

Adorable! I have that kit...someday I hope to make it.
Thanks for sharing!

Lady Jane said...

I cant believe you make things this cute in this scale. This is a definite talent.

Rosita said...

Awesome! Love all the details.