Sunday, July 29, 2012

In honor of Pam Scott, - a beach hut

Pam Scott was the creator of Little Enough News, a quarter inch and smaller newsletter.  She published the newsletter for several years and then created an online yahoo group titled LittleEnoughNews.  She passed away in early 2011. 
Several of us agreed to continue on with the group and this year we created a project to do in her honor or in memory of her.  This is that project.
It started with the idea of something to do with the beach and shells.  I got the idea to do a simple beach hut.  I created a very simple design and worked with Karen Cary as she had agreed to laser cut the kits. After a couple of variations we came up with a finished kit.
We also decided to hold a swap to go with the project, which I hosted. Boy, that was fun receiving them in.  Had to store them up high to keep the cats out of them.  Every time a box came in if I didn't put it right away the cats were all over it.  Some people say the swaps talk and obviously the cats could hear them. 
Once it was time to sort them all, that was a task.  But it was all worth it in the end. I have managed swaps before, but never this many.  One of the problems I had was allowing people to send a different number.  I will not do that again.  Either I would set it at 10 (or a set number) or all swappers, far less headache arranging them to sort them out.

Here is my finished beach hut with the swaps I received. Thank you!!! to all the swappers.
In the front, the chairs are my adirondack chair kit, the table between them was from Lynn Hamel, the gold color seahorses and shell were from Sharon Anderson, pink flamingos by Kay Marshall, and sand castle by Alician Pearce.
On the side, I had added a palm tree that I made.  The pile of shells was from poohcat and the trashcan was from Roberta Ditch. 
To go inside, I had design a built in bookshelf with window seat (yes, it is very similar to the NAME alcove, but not related).
The shells on the left side were either some I had, from poohcat or from Lynn Hamel who provided some very tiny ones in a larger shell.  The picture is of Pam Scott mounted on a ship's wheel and was provided by Jenn Price Jones.  The rugs and window seat cover were cut from a rug given by JoAnn Jacot.  On the left side of the shelf are more shells and a silver starfish from Marti Icenogle.  Prints on the wall were from Jacot as well.  The blue chair and the clock above was from Lynn Hamel.  The magazine filled basket was by Joan Webb.
The upper section contains a bench by Peggy Fowler, shell display by Pat Henshaw and the rug from JoAnn Jacot and the shell plaque above the window by Lynn Hamel.
A side view of the other side of the beach hut.  The buoy was from Barb Striethorst and that red radio by Heather Drinkwater.
I had already decided on my 50's theme colors including the pink and the swaps started coming in.  I was very excited when I saw a pair of flamingos with my name on them.  Here's a better view of those great flamingos made by Kay Marshall:
 I understand that these were first ever attempt at making animals.  I think she did a wonderful job and others who didn't get them in their swaps - swapped with her later.  I know I would have as well.

Again, a big thanks to all those swappers.