Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beginning Miniaturist

In any story of my history of being a miniaturist I have ever written before today, I would blame my parents for instilling in me the creative gene to make miniatures because they didn't buy me a dollhouse. 
Well, I need to correct all those stories, because I now have proof they did buy me one, I just don't remember it.  Now, I can say they are the reason I had those dreams of miniatures.  Actually the dreams aren't surprising as my dad is an O gauge train enthusiast.  I recall in one house he had a whole room (some would make a library/office he had a train room) for his train layout. 
Is there any wonder that when my adult children finally leave the nest that I am going to take over one room for my studio?
My mom has been scanning slides to digital format so that my husband can create a video/slideshow for their upcoming 50th anniversary.
Yesterday she emailed me this:
She labeled it Beginning miniaturist?

Well, she got that right, it really is too bad I don't still have that house.  Because I now I am going to be hunting a copy of it.  If anyone knows what it is, then by all means tell so I know what to look for on ebay.

This past week, my mom went with me and my daughter to the show in Nashville.  My mom didn't go in, but when we ate lunch we had show and tell.  (Show and tell at lunch is a required part of any mini show trip.)  Later in the day we made it to the Miniature Cottage and I picked out a Maureen Thomas rabbit doll and my mom paid for it.  Wow! that was cool.  Thanks Mom!

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever find your dollhouse from this picture? It's a Marx house from the 1950s. I had/still have the one with the Disney nursery. Search Marx dollhouses and you should be able to id the one you have here. Then finding it may be easier. HTH.
Martha Simpson