Friday, November 22, 2013

The Pink Seahorse Gift shop - Souvenir from QC Conv Cruise 2013

In September 2013, I was a part of the Quarter Connection Online Convention for 2013.  The theme this year was a cruise.
Our souvenir was a gift shop kit that includes several other kits from the QC team.

I have posted full photos on my picture trail.

I only made a few changes to the kit. 
The kit included a couple of choices for the awning and I choose this one with the pink seahorses on it.  I used the colors from that to paint my gift shop.
I did not use the exterior siding - it was grey boards.  Instead I just painted the box pink.
I meticulously painted the seahorse on the trim pieces pink.  I was very careful to leave the laser cut details.
The roof is a printie from the kit but I used a yellow wash to change the color.
Then I used my computer to create my name sign. 

This was a truly awesome souvenir.  It was the first time I worked on a project during an online convention.  That was fun, chatting with everyone as I worked on the project.  I wasn't able to finish, but was determined to get back to it soon.  Considering I haven't finished any other convention souvenir kit, I think three months is very timely.

Monday, November 18, 2013

NAME day hutch gets a cover

Last week I moved my studio from my bedroom to my daughter's old bedroom.  I share more about that here.  Moving has inspired me greatly as I saw my things with new eyes.

For example, I had a black perfume gift box - nice finished wood with a sliding plexi-glass lid.  I got this at a tag sale earlier this year.  Since that time it had been sitting with my other "some day I will use this for something's".  I didn't use it right away because it was black lacquer and also the size wasn't big enough or small enough for any project I could think of.  Or so I thought. 

For no other reason than I had space for it, I had moved it to my desk area and left it empty.  Well it wasn't long and I thought of a use for it. 
In 2010 I made a 1:12 scale hutch as part of the NAME day.  Part 1 here and Part 2 showing the finished project here.  It occurred to me that the hutch needed a place to be protected from dust and this would be a great size for it.  Thinking I didn't want it to be permanent, I cut wallpaper and flooring to fit but used temporary double sided tape to keep it in place.  It was super fast and put that box to good use.

The wallpaper was some scrapbooking paper I had.  I actually purchased it several years ago to do a different miniature project that didn't work out.  The flooring was some paper I had from 1:12 scale projects before. 
It is hard to see in the picture as the box itself is so dark, but this picture is taken with the lid off.  The top piece of trim is attached to the clear plastic lid.  The box was stamped on one side sensi. I guess that is a cologne or perfume by designer initials of G. A.

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