Saturday, October 31, 2015

Swaps Mall Part 2 - A stacked boxes project

Today, I finished up my stacked boxes project - Swaps Mall.  I haven't added anything in it yet.  But I am very happy to have it done.

Here is the finished stack from a couple of sides
So here are some notes I took

  • Be flexible with color.  I did plan at the beginning trying to coordinate from side to side and layer to layer.  But once I was in the making I did make changes.  This was especially true with the interiors.  I did all the choices on the fly, so I did find I liked it better if I was comparing not just side to side as I started with doing the first layer but also from layer to layer.
  • Cover the backs more.  There were several times I had to adjust the position of box to box as the back wasn't fully covered.
  • Problem 1- forgot that I was going to need to fit the round football end holder in between the top layer of boxes.  Fortunately I was able to fix this quickly before the glue dried. But then I also had to add something to the top to cover the open area in between the boxes. 
  • Problem 2 - major issue.  I forgot to include the layers of paper in my measurements in deciding what height my boxes would be.  Once I had completed the top layer and placed it in the case, I realized it was too tall. To resolve this, I worked on the foam core board that was my base. I removed all but one layer of paper of the foam board.  This actually was fairly easy due to the project being all boxes so I was able to turn it over and work on the base no issue. But secondly the foam core separated very easy from the paper of the foam core board. Even if that didn't work, I had a back up plan to remove the paper covered foam core board completely. I could have added either mat board or just paper as a thin base.
I also was asked - what glue did I use for this? I used tacky glue. The key is to use a smoother. I used an old credit card to smooth out the paper. I think using the scrapbook paper also made a difference. Some papers were thicker than others so the glue couldn't bleed thru.
To apply the exterior papers I covered one side at a time. Sides, then the top leaving the bottom blank.
To apply the interior papers, again I covered one area at time. Floor first, then the roof, then the sides and back all in one piece.  
The top was covered in pieces of paper after I made a hole for the holder. The pieces were cut from the scrapbook papers that I used in the overall. 

I just found two swaps that I had planned to go in here. Don't you hate not being able to find something.  It took several times before I did.
Here is my first addition to the mall. This is the proprietor William Jack.
I was absolutely thrilled to get both of these last year. The desk and chair is made by Susan Edmiston and the guy is by Jackie Williams.

I will update once I add some swaps into the mall. 

Happy Mini-ing!

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