Saturday, November 14, 2015

Raggedy House Updated 2015

The Raggedy Ann doll turned 100 in Sept. Wow! 

I was a reader as a child and I loved the Raggedy Ann books.  My mom made me a doll and here is a picture
My mom said that the hair was a labor of love.  Apparently it took a lot of time to do.
I very well remember that doll but sadly I didn't keep it.  

As I was filling my Swaps Mall, I ran across some swaps that were intended for one of my RA projects.  The RA House didn't have a container so I had not added a base that would use those swaps that were mostly outdoor.  Earlier this year I bought several containers including one that I decided would house this RA project. 

This week I made the base and used what swaps I could to fit the base.  I added some flower beds with edging to match the house.  The edging is made of thin card cut with scalloped scissors and then I used a hole punch.
The pond was a swap made by Wanna.  In the wheelbarrow (purchased) is a pot of flowers made by Pam Junk.  The flag and the round stones leading to it were also swaps.
As I was looking at my swaps to add to the base, I also discovered this sweet little vase of flowers.  I added it here at the top of this shelf.
More pics of this project

I intended to post this back in Sept, to celebrate Ann's birthday month.  So I am also sharing pics of the other various RA projects I have done in miniature.  I really can't get enough and can totally see myself doing more in my future.
In no particular order:
RA Trunk

RA Play in the Woods I & II
I made two different ones of this
This one I offered as a kit to my club and also at the shop in Nashville.
I love Andy as much as Ann.  Isn't his little boat cute?
BunnieAnn's Bedroom in an Altoid Tin

I started collecting RA things late in my mini hobby so many are in existing projects but I do add to my collection when I can.
This is a treasure I got earlier this year.  The artist is Maureen Thomas.  I have several other of her dolls and rabbits including another raggedy set.
Isn't that panda cute too?
I got this at a show in Atlanta.  A miniaturist was selling her collection.  (I can't imagine why ? ;-) )  So I got it for a really great price.  It was worth going to that show just to have picked up this wonderful piece.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Swaps Mall - Grand Opening - Stacked Boxes Part 3

It’s Done!! No Vacancies in the Mall.  William, the Swaps Mall proprietor, is pleased as punch that all rooms/stalls in the mall are filled for Grand Opening.  He doesn’t take good pics – always closed his eyes no matter how many pics I took.

Although technically it will never be done based on my intentions for this project that it is a temporary home for my treasured, I did finish furnishing it for now. It took longer to decide what goes where and tacking them in place than installing the interior papers. This surprised me as I thought it took me so long doing those papers. Overall, the easiest part was applying Modge Podge to the floors, however I think it would have been beneficial to have added it to the interior walls too. But that is an easy enough fix should I decide to take time to do it.
So here are the ‘finished’ sides. 
For more close up photos check them out on my picture trail site - including some with shoppers.
These swaps represent over 10 years of swapping. I still have a several boxes more of swaps that aren’t displayed. I am thinking in two directions with this. One – make the projects the swaps were swapped for to begin with - like a couple of nautical/sea/beach themed swaps, a cat room and a pet shop (which could be combined) and others. Two – make a printer tray type stacked boxes – one sided instead of like this. Either way, I am inspired to get these treasures out of my swap boxes and out on display somewhere and preferably in the project they were meant for.

For someone who is looking at this and thinking, I don’t need this many boxes – this works smaller.  It could be done with fewer boxes or just one side. There are so many possibilities. 
Don’t want to make the boxes?  There are products out there in the craft stores. Some are sold as stationary boxes. Any box shape can work, just add interior floors and walls the appropriate height.

If new to swapping, then check out my article about how to do it.  I really enjoyed swapping and as you can see built up a consider amount.  For a while I was swapping every month.  I did get the point where I realized I was doing nothing but swapping so my advice there is to be selective in what swaps you sign up for.  Consider doing them every other month so that between can be applied to the project they are supposed to go in. I will swap again, when the right swap theme comes along or I get some projects done that the swaps can be used in.  

Happy Miniaturing!