Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Alice in Wonderland - Finished

Yes, I am calling it finished even though my husband asked "Where's Alice?" for the tea party scene. I was ready to be done. Certainly if I ever feel like making an Alice doll I have room for her.

I've blogged about the various parts and you can view them here:
Part 1 - Inspiration - ideas, containers, sketches
Part 2 -  Planning - more about which container and how I decided what might go where - using foam core
Part 3 - Beginning to Build - moving forward with foam core walls and floors, making the rabbit hole
Part 4 - Painting the Roses Red - how I made roses
Part 5 - Card people - how I made the card people for my Alice in Wonderland project
Part 6 - Landscaping - how I landscaped this project
Part 7 - Rabbit's House - how I made part of a simple little house
Part 8 - The figures - how I made and painted the various figures
Part 9 - The court - Making the throne room and more on the card people and Mr. Rabbit
Also contains the finishing of the very top with the rabbit hole
Part 10 - Tea Party - how I finished up this section

Now for the finished pics

More photos here
Or view a mini movie of the project  on Facebook page (public viewing)
or on youtube

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