Miniature Garage Sale

Miniature Garage Sale

Page UPDATED Feb 11, 2017
These items are from my private stash and I am listing them here.  ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS - pictures are provided to show what the kit looks like but don't necessarily show finished item a kit would make.

To purchase any items send me an email  I only accept Paypal.

Shipping for these items will be $3 for first item and $7 more than one to US, unless otherwise noted in the listing.  If outside the US - email me and we can discuss. I will combine shipping - so cost would likely be highest of items- not added together.
I will ship in within one week usually a couple of days.


Items marked as SOLD have been spoken for, I will remove them once paid.

2. 1:12 scale base of flowers - actually really cute - $0.5  (price reduced)

vase is really pretty

3. 1:12 scale baggage kit - I believe this was a roundtable so sold for $5 somewhere. I am asking $1.  (price reduced) I think it will make a nice bag for 1:12 scale

9. 1:12 scale daisy kit by Carol's Bloomers $1 or BO (price reduced)

12. 1:12 scale 3D printed mug with butterfly decals - really nice product $1. or BO price reduced

13. 1:12 LED 3v working lamp - by Luci Hanson - really nice $9 or BO - price reduced

14. 1:48 scale house assembled unfinished - $18 (price reduced)  includes the 4x4x5 plastic box
$10 Shipping
This was a proto-type for the LEN Beach Hut a few years ago and designed by Preble McDaniel - OOAK
note the plastic box is on its side in this pic, it fit around the sides of the house tight with spare room in front or back

17. 1:12 scale shingles - two types - Free for both. I found more if interested. 

20. mostly DMC embroidery floss over 200 skeins - some are new or barely used 
$30 (price reduced) includes shipping and boxes
21. Ceramic apple scrubby $6
$7 S&H
Add a floor and make a 1:48 scale scene inside.
There is a chip that was semi-repaired on the left leaf on the backside.
22. Tin in Mary Englebreit style - 4.5 x 4.5 x 6.25 inches. $10
This tin has a plastic window already. The plastic has been protected by cling wrap on the inside.
It would be great for a 1:24 scale scene but also would work for 1:48 scale.
S&H is $7.

23. A group of wood scraps in several thicknesses and types. The two pics just show different pieces.
The long piece is balsa but most of the others pieces are basswood.
This is FREE but pay $10 S&H.

24. two empty reusable bottles - one has a tip that has not be cut open.
This is FREE but pay $4 S&H. If combined with another item, may be no extra fee, just depends on the items.
25. Two part cardboard box with notecards and envelopes
This is FREE but pay $4 S&H. If combined with another item, may be no extra fee, just depends on the items.
26. Pair of fancy scissors $0.75 plus SH.

27. I have no idea what these are, but suspect it is needleworking tools of some sort.
Free SH if with another item otherwise $4.
 28. metal compass
Free SH if with another item otherwise $4.

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