How To's published on my blog

Although much of my blog is about how I made something, I thought it might be beneficial to provide a list so a particular one would be easier to find.

Some are listed twice if the post discusses multiple scales
Many concepts can be used in different scales

Grouped by scale
1:48 scale

1:48 scale ME Bookhouse - a two story cottage made using a book cover for the roof and illustrations from the book as decoration. I made dressers as my swap for this project.

1:48 scale Don't Look Back - a scene done in a ME style cup

1:48 scale Swaps Mall  - a place to show off the many swaps I have received and a place for me to 'shop' when I need something for a project
Part 1: Planning and initial build
Part 2: Finishing the build
Part 3: Move in with all the swaps

1:48-scale-how-i-made-my-mushroom - making an egg factory in mushroom shape

1:48 playing-with-snow - how i made my penguin centerpiece - snow techniques are discussed

1:48-scale-star-bangers-how-i-made-it - how I used an oatmeal container for a shop and wire/clay people

1:48-scale-halloween-indoor includes how I made a two sided vignette and a witch on a pole

1:48 scale scaredy-cats-cats - how I made some clay cats with halloweeny hats

1:48 scale-attic-roombox kit  post talks about the mistakes and changes I made while putting together an attic roombox kit

1:48-scale-valentine-candy-box-room how I made used a heart shape candy box to make a base for a miniature room

1:48 scale valentine-party-table Part 1 scaling down a 1:12 project by Joann Swanson
1:48 scale valentine-party-part-2
Part 1 covers the table and chairs using BPF decorated with printies from Joann and the balloons
Part 2 covers finishing the table, place settings, table favor boxes, party hats, heart house centerpiece, side tables, punch bowl, cake and a 3 tier server plus cookies

name-day-hutch-project-part1 - this post includes modifying a 1:48 scale resin sofa, includes painting techniques
1:48 scale making-plates
name-day-hutch-part-2-finished this post includes modifying a 1:48 scale resin hutch that had bubbles in it

technique-painted-furniture how I paint BPF

Mother Goose - this post was edited to link to all the other posts related to this big project with 30 different rhymes. One goal I had with this project was use what I have.  This post also covers some lessons learned.
People in miniature - how I made people for my Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes project

1:48 scale Rainbow's end - how I made a leprechaun lair includes two level open house, trunk from a match box, ladder, and more

Alice in Wonderland
Part 1 - Inspiration - ideas, containers, sketches
Part 2 -  Planning - more about which container and how I decided what might go where - using foam core
Part 3 - Beginning to Build - moving forward with foam core walls and floors, making the rabbit hole
Part 4 - Painting the Roses Red - how I made roses
Part 5 - Card people - how I made the card people for my Alice in Wonderland project
Part 6 - Landscaping - how I landscaped this project
Part 7 - Rabbit's House - how I made part of a simple little house
Part 8 - The figures - how I made and painted the various figures
Part 9 - The court - Making the throne room and more on the card people and Mr. Rabbit
Also contains the finishing of the very top with the rabbit hole
Part 10 - Tea Party - how I finished up this section

1:144 scale

1:144 scale house in Sleigh bed Village - a multi-scale project
1:144-scale MM Arts and Craft Center - a project in 4 small matchboxes
How to make faux glass from plastic - used in one of the Art and Craft matchboxes THIS WOULD WORK IN MANY SCALES
1:144-scale-antiques-galore how I made an antique shop in two sliding matchboxes
1:144 making-plates

1:144ish-scale-canoe-scene-start how I added animation (manual) to a tin

1:144ish canoe-in-lipstick-tube-started

1:12 scale

1:12 scale Sleigh Bed Village (village in 1:144 scale) - how I made a sleigh bed, bed covering, blanket of snow and card houses with lights.

1:12-scale-scrapbook-dome-part-1 made a cardtable, floor inside a dome with small opening, and how I made a replica of a pen binder

1:12 scale name-day-hutch-project-part1 - the hutch is in 1:12 scale and post discusses how I decorated it using ME notepad paper in black and pink colors, also discusses how I modified it so that would work better for 1:48 scale furnishings
name-day-hutch-part-2-finished - finishing the hutch with swaps and also adding door knobs

For anything I have ever made, I will gladly answer questions on how I did it, including more detail than what I posted on my blog.  Please contact me via email.

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