Sunday, April 10, 2011

1:48 scale Valentine Candy box room

This week I finished (nearly as needs chairs) my Valentine room made on a heart shape candy box.
Here's how I did the box.
    1. I purchased a 4" valentine candy box.
    2. I decided that the lid and base would be combined to make a base.
    3. I cut the sides so I could fit them together.
    4. Next I added some tabs to the white box so it was hold together.
      Glue and clip to hold while drying.
      1. I added some foam pieces in the center of the hearts to support the floor.
      2. The floor was cut from matt board.  I traced around the two combined hearts.
      3. I glued the floor to the heart base using some cardboard tabs that I glued to the edges of the heart and the underneath of the floor.
      4. I applied glue to the floor and then added a light color carpet (velour).
      5. I trimed the carpet next to the heart base.
      6. I added red foil (gift wrap) to the white heart so both sides of the heart where red.
      7. I added some trim just below the carpet and another trim around the edge of the heart base.  I painted the base that extended red before applying the red trim.

    The items in this room except the tables all came from swaps.

    The glass table was made by cutting a top from plexi glass, the sides are a metal finding that I used my dremel tool to cut apart.  The same with the brace at the bottom.

    The round table is made with a plastic desicant container.  I added gold ribbon around the base.  The red topper is a red foil that I got in a swap.  I cut to 1 1/2" square and then carefully shaped to fit over the base.

    To completely finish this project I will need to make two chairs to go with the table.

    See more photos of the 'finished' project here: