Sunday, July 19, 2015

Beginning to build - Alice in Wonderland project - part 3

I cut my foam core pieces the way I had planned to this point.  I decided to use the two matt board pieces for the rabbit hole.

This is the test fitting - taping in place to see if ready to glue - or do I need to trim anything.

Here you can see I have used the toilet paper tube.
I am using two.  Both are cut open in the side.  There is one that is the inner part where the cupboard is and the other is the outside.  I folded it at the sides to fill in - cover the gap between the matt board and the tube.
I have also added back the foam core cut out with a hole in it at the top.  I plan to have greenery making the hole smaller. Note it isn't glued in yet - I will do that after I paint the tube.
I have added the flooring and I have my wallpaper cut, but not in yet.  I am adding some extra paper that I wrinkled and slit to connect the tube to the walls.  I want this taper into the walls.
I have also painted the tube.  I plan to cover it with something maybe some 'dirt'.
Covered with gift tissue paper.  I used thin white glue.  I put out a puddle of glue and use a brush to brush it on the paper and on the tube.  I allow the tissue to wrinkle as I lay it on to the tube.  I tear it at the bottom where the other paper is tapered to the walls.

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