Saturday, July 18, 2015

More planning for my Alice in Wonderland project

I admit it - I am a dreamer.  I love designing things.  Planning a mini project is a lot of fun to me.  But I get it, many do not enjoy this so kits are a good thing.  
However if you want to continue with me on my journey to my Alice in Wonderland project keep reading.BTW, nothing wrong with getting a kit and kit bashing it - simply to modify it to fit your dream.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was considering a dome that a friend had recently given me. The size of this dome is just slightly smaller than a common size found at the local hobby chains 8 x 12 inches.  This one is 7 x 8 approximately.  I made some paper boxes to see if this was going to work for what I had in mind and for what I was willing to put into effort-wise with this project.  Quite frankly, I love tons of details and love lots of figures but I knew I would get bogged down so I was trying to work around not doing all of that.

I tried the paper boxes and soon decided I needed something sturdier to work with.  Since I was working on an another altered box type project and those weren't all glued in place, I used those to let me see.  I soon figured out the 7x8 dome was more than I wanted to deal with.
Here is the second choice dome - also plastic from a thrift store given to me.  This one is apx 8 x 5.  Here's where I tell you the benefit of letting people know what it is to look for. This second one came to me via my mom who loves to thrift shop as much as me, but goes far more often.
At this point in my designing I am just getting a feel for size and spacing.  Also determining if I want to use boxes or not.  Boxes being squarish and I am putting into a round dome.
This is a different view as I consider the boxes.

Next I source some foam core board and matt board for actual cutting.  I save nearly all scraps so I start with those first.  I have decided against the boxes.  They chop up the space too much.  Not sure if I will still be able to include the illustrations or not.  
This one I have cut two half circles.  Oh how I love blue tape.  I really don't remember what I did before that - guess it was pins or masking tape.
My plan is a long section (can't see it here) - the matt board on the left that is the rabbit hole. I am going to add some curve to that with toilet paper roll cardboard but also have the room below so it will taper to that room.
The tall space you can see on the left was going to have the white rose tree, but have decided it doesn't need two floors/layers.  
To the right in this pic on the second floor/layer can see some paper inserted as a wall.  This is just me testing placement of a wall.
This is more a top down view.  Can see that the top is now a 3/4 circle.  It is actually slightly smaller than the 5 inches across.  This will allow to see more below - less of a house look. 
The matt board section is the rabbit hole.  I will have to cover it so it is indeed a hole and not the 1/4 of a circle.  This top section will just be landscaped mostly.

At this point I will be cutting another 3/4 circle and adding support walls that will also section. There will be three sections on the bottom.  Half will be the white roses tree plus procession of cards and the rabbit hole room and white rabbit's house will be in the other two sections.
The middle section will also have three areas: the rabbit hole 1/4, the tea table 1/3, and the court session 1/3.  This means my walls will not overlap on the non-rabbit hole section from bottom to middle.  

I am planning to make all the walls from foam core.  I would use gator board if I had it but I don't.  I am not buying any as I figure I can deal with the warping that may occur as I normally have to do.  I am trying to use up items in my stash rather than purchase anything. 

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