Saturday, September 10, 2016

Alice in Wonderland Part 7 - Rabbit's house - project in progress

I was trying to come up with scenes to do in my project that fit certain areas. This particular scene wasn't pictured in the book but I felt it was a good fit for what I wanted.
I decided it would just be a part of the house and from the outside.
Months ago (over a year if truth be told) I cut the brick sheet for the door frame and that is where I left it. Ok, I left it because I was trying to make it too simple. Simple to the point it wasn't really working.
This week I was able to get back to this project and I tackled the house. The first thing I did is decide that the house was only going to be half an inch depth. (That's just two foot in real life.)
Next I selected some roofing. In my stash was this piece and I decided it would fit. Only later did I realize it was too short for my preferences. This after I painted this piece. More on that later.

The problem that I couldn't get past previously (mostly because I wasn't feeling up to it) was that the brick is one piece but the foam core is two pieces. With no center section, which is not the best way to be designing even a part of a house. But working with it this week, I decided I could live with it and I did. However it would have been better to have cut a single piece of foam-core.
Next was to cut pieces to support the side so I could adhere it to the wall. Then also cut a piece of brick for the side. Believe it or not I pieced the side one. The pieces fit so well together (must been I was in the groove **pun intended **).
Next I painted the brick - well the grooves/grout. This is done by painting the piece and then wiping away on the face. I found this worked best if I let it dry some more rather then while fresh. But don't let the base color dry solid.
I had to repaint some portions of course to get the amount remaining right. This is one of those try it and see how it works. I have done it many times but always a bit of trial and error to it. If it really looks bad can always start over by soaking it. I have done that too.

At this point is when I also painted the roof piece I cut first. Only to realize I had to cut another. Then that was still too short and cut a third. I wasn't allowing enough at the top at first as I wanted it to fit up to the point the next level met the wall. Then not enough overhang in the front the second cutting. Thankfully I had extra in my stash.
To paint the roof what I found worked best was to start with a medium grey all over, then using a dark grey and a lighter plus a medium green to get these on my brush and sort of swipe at it. The idea was that I wanted it to show the grain of wood where it had aged.
When I changed to cut another roof, I also was using a different sheet. I actually liked this style (although it is very similar) more.
Next I painted the door and frame. I decided that the window might be seen through, so I painted the wall inside and added a faux table. That was just in case could see in the window.

Next was the side wall. I cut a piece of brick like I was going to have another side of the house showing but then I had the problem of what to do with the roof. My solution was to consider something else and that was to peruse my stash and I found the fencing. I'm telling you that sometimes these things just jump out at me and say "hey use me".
With the fencing I figured I wanted some trees or something behind and so my answer was to hand-paint the trees and shrubs. I talked about more how I did that in my previous post here.
The grass and pathway were also discussed in that post.

The trim around the top was quilling paper that I painted. The base was painted below the brick and then I used the landscaping to hide it rather than make it look super good.
The step is a piece of foam-core board cut the size and painted.

For now this portion is done. But I am thinking on whether or not to add rabbit on his way to his house.

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