Friday, November 25, 2016

Alice in Wonderland Part 8 - some figures

Several weeks ago I purchased some charms from Alpha Stamps to use in my Alice in Wonderland project.
To do this, I first cut away the bails (loops) and I used files and my Dremel to reshape where I cut. I should have used it to reshape Alice, but I left her as is except for fixing her hair.
Next I base coated each charm in white. The two bigger rabbits, I painted them very similar. Each color required two coats over the base coat.
Here is the first rabbit in place to finish off Mr. Rabbit house section
Mr Rabbit's house
I also got started with the figures for the Tea Party
the March Hare started out in a broken egg shell like this one
the Mad Hatter was a Christmas figure

After some carving with the Dremel and some paint
I realize they both need bowties and maybe some other touch ups, but this is a great start.
I also need a dormouse and I may have just the thing in my stash, now where is that box....