Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party - AIW part 10

The last section in my AIW project is the Tea Party

I started by making a table with a rectangle of wood and toothpicks cut to length. I add laser cut lace around the top for a tablecloth of sorts.
For more details on my figures check out my previous post on them.
The chairs I used were an intentional assortment. The three wooden chairs in the back were from several different makers. The two in the front I got from Alpha Stamps and silver one to the right were charms that I modified. I think it came from the local hobby chain. The two brass ones - removed the ring and the silver one needed the legs cut down. I used a rotatory tool for the rings and my wire cutters for the legs.
The wing chair is 3d printed by Pretty Small Things. I got two. I painted this one plain black. I debated about adding an Alice doll but for now she has just left.
Mad Hatter, Tea table

The food items were a combo of swaps from various makers and some items I made myself for previous swaps (tarts, pastries, and cherry topped cake).

The teacups, saucers and the white teapot to the left are all plastic that are made by Debbie Young but offered by a number of other dealers.
The silver teapot is a charm I got from Alpha Stamps. I painted it silver.
The silver trays are square sequins.
The utensils are from some laser cut sheets that I purchased at a show.
Tea time, Mad Hatter
The completed scene
The dormouse is taking a nap in a chair.

The last thing I needed to do to finish this completely was the base and the trim.
I painted the base red first, and played with writing. After not being happy with that I painted it black, but left the red on the inside.
I topyed with the idea of adding various icons of tea things, the card suites and hats, etc; but settled on the card suites doing two on the black base and then two on the red trim at the bottom of the project itself.
card people, painting the roses red

The trim here and then also below the tea party area was using wood veneer that is adhesive backed. The upper trim was cut prior to applying. I painted both after applying. That's a lesson - paint before applying as it would be easier. Typically I don't simply because I don't know what colors I want yet.
To adhere the adhesive backing I used my household iron for the base. But that was really too large so I pulled out an old curling iron to do the smaller trim in the middle.
Another lesson for future was that I had cut the foam base and applied the trim to it later. The base wasn't perfectly round so the trim left a gap of the green landscaping. I applied a little glue and was able to fill the gaps nicely.

Complete finished photos coming up shortly...

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