Saturday, November 14, 2015

Raggedy House Updated 2015

The Raggedy Ann doll turned 100 in Sept. Wow! 

I was a reader as a child and I loved the Raggedy Ann books.  My mom made me a doll and here is a picture
My mom said that the hair was a labor of love.  Apparently it took a lot of time to do.
I very well remember that doll but sadly I didn't keep it.  

As I was filling my Swaps Mall, I ran across some swaps that were intended for one of my RA projects.  The RA House didn't have a container so I had not added a base that would use those swaps that were mostly outdoor.  Earlier this year I bought several containers including one that I decided would house this RA project. 

This week I made the base and used what swaps I could to fit the base.  I added some flower beds with edging to match the house.  The edging is made of thin card cut with scalloped scissors and then I used a hole punch.
The pond was a swap made by Wanna.  In the wheelbarrow (purchased) is a pot of flowers made by Pam Junk.  The flag and the round stones leading to it were also swaps.
As I was looking at my swaps to add to the base, I also discovered this sweet little vase of flowers.  I added it here at the top of this shelf.
More pics of this project

I intended to post this back in Sept, to celebrate Ann's birthday month.  So I am also sharing pics of the other various RA projects I have done in miniature.  I really can't get enough and can totally see myself doing more in my future.
In no particular order:
RA Trunk

RA Play in the Woods I & II
I made two different ones of this
This one I offered as a kit to my club and also at the shop in Nashville.
I love Andy as much as Ann.  Isn't his little boat cute?
BunnieAnn's Bedroom in an Altoid Tin

I started collecting RA things late in my mini hobby so many are in existing projects but I do add to my collection when I can.
This is a treasure I got earlier this year.  The artist is Maureen Thomas.  I have several other of her dolls and rabbits including another raggedy set.
Isn't that panda cute too?
I got this at a show in Atlanta.  A miniaturist was selling her collection.  (I can't imagine why ? ;-) )  So I got it for a really great price.  It was worth going to that show just to have picked up this wonderful piece.

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