Saturday, September 1, 2012

Firecracker Challenge - Star Banger's 1:48 scale

Once upon a time in land not far away, people are so busy they don't bother to notice the little things. This is a story about the little things - little people if you will. They are called the boomers. They are a curious people attracted by the smell of sulfur and the crackle and pop of things like fireworks.
A few weeks ago was the US holiday - Independence Day. At my house this holiday includes shooting fireworks. In recent years that has even been at our house. We have a great place to do so, as there is a concrete pad that is open. This year, like any other, after shooting the fireworks, we clean up the yard of the trash.
Before I got to work picking up the trash, I was sitting on my porch.  A tiny flash of yellow caught my eye.  I started watching and very soon I saw that one of the used fireworks had a strange smaller firework next to it.  When I looked over at another bigger firework, I saw a second small firework.  I call them strange because we didn’t shoot or light any small fireworks.  These were different markings.
I kept watching and the small firecracker moved.  The second firework had disappeared.  I crept up and squatted down next to the big firecracker.  The smaller one was still there.  I blinked because I thought my eyes were deceiving me.  This smaller firecracker looked to have legs and arms.  Is there a spider wrapped around it? I tilted my head to see around it.  But no, not a spider but yes, a tiny head – with a white hat or cap on its head.
“Interesting,” I said.  “That explains it.”
“That explains what?” a tiny voice asked.
I looked around to make sure there wasn’t anyone around playing tricks on me.  Then said, “Why you look so strange.”
“Excuse me?” the tiny voice said. 
“You don’t look like the firecrackers we used last night.  Matter of fact, we didn’t have any your size – well, except for bottle rockers and we didn’t shoot any of those.” I replied.  “Obviously you got here by walking or flying.  Although I haven’t the foggiest idea what you may be.”
He looked up at me looking down and then said, "Hey, do you mind?"
"Sorry, I don't mean to stare, but I am very curious what is going on?" I said.
"Well, I'm surprised you noticed us. Humans rarely do." he said. "My name is Bang-Bang Boomer but you can call me Banger, everyone does." He put out his hand and then looking sheepish as to how that would work.
I leaned down further and very careful moved my finger toward him until it touched his hand and he shook it.
"Nice to meet you, my name is Preble. So what are you doing?"
"We decided to build a firework stand. Figure it would be very profitable in our neck of the woods."
“Oh, how nice.  I guess, I will leave you too it.  Ok, if I clean up the rest of the fireworks – will you need any of them?”
“No,” he replied.
“Ok, then see you around.”
That first day, I only saw Banger.  No matter how many times I looked I didn’t see anything.
But on the second day, I sat down on the porch and I saw several of the Boomers.  They were very shy.  At first whenever they saw me watching, they would hide, but after a week they had grown used to me being around. 
I talked with Banger every day.  He explained to me what they were doing as I watched the progress of their renovation. They started by putting in floors and ceilings. Next they cut out door and window openings and then installed them. They painted the inside to cover the explosion stains and the plain cardboard.
Banger explained that they were going to set up a shop in the used up firework.  It wouldn’t be a normal shop like you or I might think of, but one for them to shop in.  He explained how they were always needing new fuses and wrappers.  So that is what they would be selling. 
As I watched them remodel, I became a familiar face to them and they weren't afraid of me anymore. So as the days passed I would meet new boomers every day. Every one of them had their own personality and job to do.
I am not sure why it had not occurred to me earlier to take pictures. Maybe I was concerned they would not want their picture taken. Maybe I didn't ask at first because they were so timid.  Although the last day when they were redoing the firecracker label to make the shop sign I did get some pictures.  They didn’t mind the pictures so much as long as they were busy and so it was really hard to catch their faces.
Here is the front - with Banger, Smoky and Sparky working on the front
Here is Banger close up- he is the owner of this fine establishment
and this is Smoky setting out the potted Geranimums from Pam Junk
well you also see Banger's backside. 
Sparky is up on the ladder - Banger is making sure he puts the letter on correctly.  Sparky had already added the Store sign.  Banger figured it was easier to add to the label than make a whole new one.  He really liked this particular firework as it had his name on it. 

In the back we can see the other Boomers hard at work to make sure everything is in place.  
Note the grey line to the right is the ladder to go up to the top.
Let's zoom in and see what they are up to.
Up top is Sparkle and Popper - I think Sparkle was telling Popper to be careful up there. 
The lighted star scuplture was Banger's idea of simulating a firework explosion and also lighting the top.
The Boomers are going to have a picnic when they get finished with putting everything in place.
The picnic table was from my swaps/totefavor stash and was from Marie Kallberg.  The picnic on top of the table was from Molly Lawler.
Sparkle was hard to photograph since she is leaning over Popper.
Here is a different view of Popper
More picnic items - cooler from Sharon Anderson and the igloo one from Patty Johnson.

Now let's check out what Sizzle is doing in the Office /Bedroom - the bookcase is plastic I painted and the wardrobe is a resin piece I painted and added knobs.
Oh, he is putting out the other geranium on the bookcase
Here is a close up of his face from the outside
Maybe he is daydreaming about owning a firecracker place himself one day...
The rest of the second floor
That bed I think was from Cindy McDaniel and the chair from Barbara Campbell.  The lamp on the desk was from Beth Laverty.  The desk is plastic that I painted.  I got it from my father - who I think got it in some toys as he gave me some other things.

At the bottom is the store area
That's Powder on the left and Crackle on the right.
In the store are Fuses and Wrappers - what every firecracker needs at some time or another.
Hope you enjoyed your tour.

To learn more about this project - I will be posting a how I did it - very soon.


Betsye Rose said...

This was so interesting! Loved the story!

Anonymous said...

Very creative little miniature, Preble. You did very clever
Little things with your challenge for the Firecracker
Project. Enjoyed seeing it this morning. The swap items were fabulous.

Evelyne Martin said...

As I said on the group, your FC is really cool!

And I noticed you got a picnic table from Marie Kallberg too. If I new you already had one, I could have made something else especially for you.

Still on time, if you want!... :)

plasterers bristol said...

This is absolutely brilliant.