Sunday, October 30, 2011

1:12 Scale Scrapbook Dome: Part 1

My favorite hobby is miniatures.  When I make something that turns out great or have the pleasure of buying them, I get giddy.  But minitures can be expensive. So I often make them myself, but doing them DIY takes time.  Making them in general takes time.  So for a long time I resisted adding scrapbooking as a hobby. 
Scrapbooking isn't a cheap hobby, either.   First, is printing the pictures.  I take lots of photos - even more now that I have gone digital.  Raising two children on a budget left little room for printing but I did print the film ones over the years.  When it came to albums I didn't have the extra for those, so I was storing them in boxes.  They were all organized so nicely in order. 
But one day, my children wanted to look at them.  I let them.  Pictures are made to be shared.  But I didn't watch them very well with them not thinking they would not be so ocd about keeping them in order like I would.  So yes, they were all mixed up.  That's the day I decided I had to do something.  I had to do something to share them in a way that I was comfortable with.  That was the day I decided I couldn't resist the scrapbook hobby anymore.

This scrapbook dome is my tribute to my other hobby.  A in process project...

This dome just screamed buy me at a thrift store.  This is what it looked like before.
What I didn't realize was that the opening was smaller than the overall dome.  So I had to figure out a way to use it.  My solution was a floor that folds.

With the floor flat inside

Other things I have done so far:
I made the table using foam core for the top, fabric to cover,
wood dowels for legs.

Showing the brace detail, I cut paper strips for the brace, drilled a hole in the dowel leg and add a pin for the joint.

I purchased a cat from at a show and then repainted it to look like my Juni.


This weekend I was able to work on miniatures again (going to college so have to do homework for class first - which leaves little or no time generally for minis). 
This is what I finished.
Do you see it?  In the middle, of the real thing....
Well here's a close up of it.

To make this miniature I used black cardboard for the backing.  Then I scanned the color sheets and printed on photo paper (wanted them to be shiny).  Used 4 mm silk black ribbon around the outside, plus some fringe cording around that.  The markers are made from price tag stems.  I painted after adding them to the sides.  The pen loops were made using the same silk ribbon, but I added a line of glue down the middle of the ribbon, then cut it in half to make a 2mm wide pen loop.  The scissors are from a hook and eye that I cut apart and the blue craft knife (with black end) in the flap was sanded wood.  The one in the middle is from the price tag loops.


Lady Jane said...

This is simply unbelievable. How small is that!!! Price tags and loops. I am amazed at your patience and dexterity!!! Cheers! LJ

Unknown said...

I love this !

Monica La Porta said...

Amazing details!