Monday, November 14, 2011

Making Swaps: It is Worth It!

In between my college homework this year I made 53 totefavors or swaps for the 2011 Quarter Connection Online Convention.

here's a pic of what I made

a chocolate bunny in a paper basket with no-hole beads for eggs

here's a different view
I handcut the paper rabbits which were folded in half to be double sided.  Some have beads in the body to give it dimension.  I used a fun foam circle in the basket to raise the bunny and beads to use fewer beads.  I wanted it to look like wrapped candy eggs.

In return I received back 50 swap items. 
(Three of the swaps I sent were kept to be used as fundraisers for the convention.)

The items vary in creativity and variety.  The theme for this convention was home for the holidays and most people created using a holiday.  The numbers are for me to use later for reference.  I like to say who gave me what when I use them later in a project.  I found that I need to record a good description, but taking a photo is even better.  If you notice there are two green wreaths with a bow and gold balls.  With the photo I will easily be able to say, who made the one I use.
I do keep track of my list on my computer.  I do this in MS Access but started in MS Excel.
I do seperate my swaps from the notes and wrapping that come with them.  I do this because I want to store similar theme/type of items together in my swap storage boxes.
This was my 7th online convention and so 7th time to participate in the swaps.  I have done more swaps than just convention, but my point is that, I believe it is worth the effort to make 53 of something to get 50 somethings back.  The key is that I make 53 of the same thing (although could make 5 different sets of 10, or whatever to total 53) and get back 50 different somethings.  Many of these I would have never thought of and some I would never make.  There is always a wide variety of what one gets and any that are maybe not so great are made up for by the generousity of another.  Either the more than enough amount that some give or the super special quality of another. 
I treasure all that I get no matter if I don't have plans for them now.  Even if the quality of the work is a little less, I can still do something with them. 

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Carol said...

You received the same swaps as my friend. We opened them together. I have to say, your bunny basket was adorable. In the group I got, they were very nice, It was funny how much different in quality the two were. Her's was missing names also. The ones I receive all had names and show pride in there workmanship. Her table gifes were wonderful, mine not so good.In saying that, I think your either lucky or not. Same is true for conventions I have been to. It all has to do with pride, some folks have non.The ones with no name are the ones I wouldn't put my name on either. Just my feelings. Carol