Monday, December 17, 2012

1:144 scale Antiques Galore

Recently I was reminded of a project I started a few years ago.  In 2005 I participated in a 1:144 scale swap.  In 2008 I came up with a way to use them.  But it was today when I was able to complete the project.  One unfinished project done and many more to work on...

So here's how I made it.
First this project uses two small cardboard matchboxes.  I combined them by cutting portions off.  I choose to combine them rather than have two separate for additional sturdiness.
While the boxes were cut open, I also cut out my door and windows.  To cut them out, I drew on the box and measured out equal shapes and distance apart.
To add "glass" I used a piece of plastic from packaging.
The glass gets glued to the outside of the box.
Meanwhile I glued the two drawers together.  I added flooring to the bottoms.  The flooring was printed from my computer. 
Then a designed outer walls and a sign on my computer and printed that out.
This was added to the end of the two drawers and also wrapped around the front and end of the box.  I wanted to keep a portion of the matchbox showing.
To add further stability to the box as the folds made it flexible, I added the beams to the roof.  Gluing it down to the base also helped with stability.

I debated about having a door in between the two rooms, but decided I didn't want to waste the wall space.  Matchboxes are narrow so I am not realistic with the area shown, so having  door inside wasn't needed.

I filled in the two inside rooms with the swaps.
From Laura Miller - refrigerator and stove, Linda Austin swapped the shelf with two plates, the brown shelf unit was from Marjon de Haas, the small table with the blue and white planter was from Joan Baker, the quilts and the armoire of quilts was from me.
In back section of the shop was a green dressed bed from Linda Austin, Lauren Rein swapped the round glass topped table, the dresser and pink bed from Alison "Ali" Brand.  The quilts also made by me - printed on cloth.

Fast forward to today,  I added the stone foundation.  It was from paper stone that came in the Micromini convention package. 
I added the white trim around the door and window openings.
I also cut out a sign for the grand opening and painted the lettering.
It didn't take much time today to finish this up, but it did need time to focus on it.
The blue and white bed was made by Rosa from Sweden, the dining room set was maybe a special gift, not sure who it was from.  The two potted plants - on the table and piano - and also the shrubs by the door were from Carol Atchley. The piano was from Anita Nary Hayes.  The black hutch was a painted metal mini.
The left side
The two chaise loungers and the sun umbrella were from Virgina Paton.

From the right side, we can see the barrel cactus in floor pot that was from Laura Miller.
Also note the cat on the steps. 


Lady Jane said...

These are truly amazing!!! Great job!!!

Beth in NEPA said...

This is so adorable. Wish I was back into the mini making frame of mine. Too busy quilting of late. But will keep this idea. I usually save those match boxes for "someday."

Hannah said...

These are so cute! great work! Hannah

Sandra said...

Very creative.