Monday, March 8, 2010

Storing and Organizing Minis part 4 - Wallpaper and Rugs

These solutions I am currently using are for 1/48th scale miniatures.

 This photo shows the 1/48th scale wallpaper in photo sleeves.  these sleeves happen to fold which gives twice the space.  I have them in a standard three ring binder.
In addition the photo sleeves I have used some full size page protectors for various other pieces of wallpaper that is 8 1/2 inch x 11 inch or smaller but not as small as the photo sleeves.
This second photo shows the same binder with pages for storing rugs and quilts.  First I used a full sheet page protector.  the white sheet is just a plain piece of paper that I have used double sided temporary tape to attach the rug or quilt. 
I grouped the rugs by color and theme.
When I find a rug I want to use, I can easily remove the page and peel off the rug and slide the white sheet back into the page protector.
All of the components I am using in this storage solution are recycled, but they should be easily found online from a office supply store.  The photo sleeves came out of a photo album that was a three ring binder but was narrower than a standard binder and is why the fold over.  Certainly other photo albums could repurposed for similar storage solution.

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Sandra said...

I have made my own storage pages for wallpaper just using printer paper, but hadn't though of doing the same with rugs. What a great idea - I think I will 'borrow' that one ;)