Friday, March 12, 2010

Storing and Organizing Minis: part 5 paper punches

This photo shows the front of my paper punch storage solution.
This is a 3 ring binder that is made like a box.  It is made by a company called unikeep.
It happened to be what I had available but just a regular 3 ring binder would work.
I like it because the binder allows me to insert a printed page in the front to indicate what is in it and it has a latch to keep it closed and things don't slide out.
To make the cover page, I took photos of each page inside and then shrunk them in word to get all on a single page then printed.
Here is an actual page in my binder.
Using a sheet (page)  protector, I inserted a sheet of white paper.  Then I sorted every last one of my paper punches by shape and color into small zip bags.  The zip pages are then taped to the sheet protector.
I also have dividers in the binder for each section which helps with lifting the pages to keep them from bending and the zip bags flipping up.
The dividers I am using happen to be plastic and therefore see-thru, but that is not necessary.
I have one page for each color family. 

Early attempts to store these were in divided boxes (actually a dental tray) that had many pockets.  A few times I accidently bumped it and the punches got mixed up.  I didn't like that so I switched to baggies.  Sorting through them to find a particular shape or color was why I wanted to a different solution.  A box with sections for the baggies would be an acceptable alternative to a binder. I just happen to like being able to quickly examine the available punches in a paricular color.

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JDayMinis said...

This is how I like to keep all my crystals, brass minis and other jewelry pieces too. So great to see all your ideas.